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Practice Areas

Gary Taffet has assisted thousands of individuals and their families throughout his career, helping people rebuild their lives after an accident. With special focus on legal practice in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Worker's Compensation, and Fall-Downs, Mr. Taffet has a great deal of experience working within the courts or directly with insurance companies and other legal firms to negotiate the best settlement for his clients. 
He is a strong legal advocate who offers personalized services to people who have suffered physically and/or emotionally as a result of personal injuries. Call our office regarding accidents that have occurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident; injuries that have occurred on personal or commercial property (including slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and property negligence at retail stores and supermarkets); and on-the-job injuries. We will help properly document your case and pursue claims to collect maximum reimbursement for your losses.
We offer a free initial consultation, and there is no fee unless we recover money for you. 
Slip and Fall Injuries


Property owners often neglect to ensure the safety of their premises by failing to conduct thorough inspections, make necessary repairs of dangerous conditions, or warn visitors about potential hazards. Because of this, slip and fall victims can suddenly find themselves burdened with significant medical expenses, loss of income, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.


If you are injured on someone else’s property because of neglect or dangerous conditions, you could be entitled to compensation. New Jersey law requires that slip and fall cases be filed within two years of the injury, so it is important that your case is addressed as quickly as possible. We will ensure that your case is met in a compassionate, timely, and thorough manner and that you receive the proper restitution for your injuries.

Workers' Compensation


Even when safety rules are followed, accidents at work can still take place. On-the-job injuries can happen to anyone: from home health aides to warehouse workers to taxi drivers. These injuries can encompass many areas, including exposure to toxic chemicals, neck and back injuries from heavy lifting, fractures, and injuries obtained from defective or poorly maintained equipment. Regardless of your job, if you have been hurt we can help you properly document the accident and your injuries, and we will negotiate with your employer and insurance companies to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Unsafe drivers need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering they may cause others. Auto accident related injuries can be debilitating for weeks, months, even years. We provide advocacy for auto collisions, tractor trailer and commercial vehicle collisions, and accidents involving pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists who have been hit by automobiles. We will carefully assess your case and pursue the proper compensation for your medical bills, loss of earnings, loss of property, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and/or loss of a loved one and their contributions.

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